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Personalised Care

At Gracie, we value communication, understanding and are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each family and child in our care. We are committed to providing a childcare experience that is tailor-made, recognising the individuality of every family dynamic, parenting style and child’s personality.

We provide a childcare experience that feels as special as each of the families we serve. It’s what sets us apart and ensures we form meaningful and long lasting relationships with our families.  

We want to make busy families’ lives easier by creating that ‘ah moment’ when parents walk into a well organised home, full of happy children. It’s little things that make a world of difference. Our services extend to areas such as weekly meal preparation, changing children’s sheets, moving the washing along and more. That’s just part of how we do it!

trust & safety

Gracie has been founded on the values of trust and safety. Our nannies are backed by the expertise of a registered nurse. Offering a higher level of specialised knowledge, we emphasise the importance of creating a safe and reliable environment for your children. Parents can rely on Gracie’s services without hesitation with children in capable hands and their wellbeing as the top priority. 

Our dedicated team of nannies undergo rigorous training, ensuring that our brand of childcare is given with the highest levels of responsibility and professionalism. Behind this commitment lies a specialised health and safety team who maintain our exemplary standards. Our founder, Grace, has embraced the expertise and processes learned as an Oncology nurse and Graduate Coordinator at Epworth Hospital, implementing technology to monitor and schedule the qualifications of our nannies. This meticulous approach guarantees that all essential competencies, such as first aid and CPR, are proficient and consistently up-to-date, and that current WWCC and police checks are obtained. 

Additionally, our comprehensive approach includes detailed policy and procedure documentation, robust codes of conduct, and educational safety videos. We go the extra mile by maintaining endorsements and connections with Kidsafe Victoria. Trust and Safety is a fundamental component in childcare, and one that holds the utmost importance to us at Gracie.This is an ever-evolving space and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our safety standards.We’re deeply committed to safety, ensuring our families feel this unwavering commitment and passion throughout their entire journey with Gracie Nanny Agency.

family integration

With all our experience, we understand exactly what busy parents are looking for - a nanny that your children will love and a home that is kept tidy and organised. Gracie goes beyond providing childcare services, it’s about becoming a seamless and invaluable part of each family unit. 

Childcare should feel like an extension of the family. Our nannies are selected to meet our family’s needs as well as integrate into their family dynamic. This means blending harmoniously into your family’s daily life, reflecting your values, and making your routines effortless. 

Gracie gives genuine care and personal attention, making sure families and children feel valued and looked after, not just by a single nanny, but by our whole team. We provide in-home visits and additional training to nourish fantastic and long-lasting relationships. Whatever it takes!

Keeping you connected to your children is important too. Whether it’s a visit on day one, or our Nannies reaching out to you with a call to reassure you everything is going well, we love to facilitate and support that bond.

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