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About You:

Are you caring by nature? Do you love children? Are you excited about a rewarding profession where you can make a meaningful contribution to Melbourne and Sydney families? You could be a prime candidate to become a Gracie Nanny! We’re always looking for great nannies to join our family.

We Value:

Possessing patience and effective communication skills, our nannies flow with the dynamic needs of children and their families with empathy and reliability. Infusing activities with creativity and playful enthusiasm ensures that the children’s daily life-learnings are an enjoyable experience. 

A Gracie Nanny embodies a unique blend of qualities essential for providing exceptional childcare.

We also prioritise safety, organisational skills, and trustworthiness, a great nanny maintains a secure and well-structured environment and respects the confidentiality of family matters. Problem-solving skills, initiative, and a respectful demeanour contribute to a great nanny's ability to navigate challenges and model positive behaviour. You will require relevant qualifications, experience and training to be considered.

our approach

At Gracie, going above and beyond sets us apart and ensures our families and their children are delighted with our support every day. It goes without saying that we’re deeply caring, qualified, and reliable, but beyond the fundamentals we have a special spirit and drive to do more. This stems from the traditional and respectful attitudes of our founder, Grace. We’re a team of caring, old souls, who all exhibit a keen initiative and attention to detail. If plants need watering, or last night's dishes are soaking in the sink, we know what to do. This is the Gracie difference.

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