frequently asked questions

What happens if my Nanny is sick?

Our goal is to consistently offer families the care they require, especially during critical times. Should your primary nanny become unwell, we ensure families receive a replacement Gracie Nanny. We enforce a stringent sick leave policy that all our nannies adhere to.

How does insurance work if the Nanny is driving my car?

If you need your nanny to drive, we prefer they use the family's car. If the nanny is under 25 years old, they must be designated as a driver on your policy. If the nanny opts to drive their own car, families will be charged 0.91 cents per kilometre travelled, covering fuel and the typical wear and tear of the vehicle, as outlined by Fair Work Australia.

Why does Gracie have so many nanny applicants compared to other agencies?

Over the past five years, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting a brand that nannies are eager to be a part of. While our primary focus is on serving our families, we equally prioritise creating a positive working environment for our nannies. Our core values revolve around being fun, flexible, safe, and above all, supportive.We nurture and care for our nannies, recognising them as the backbone of Gracie. Many of our applicants and nannies seek out agencies like ours because they crave the support, safety, and alignment of values that we offer.

Why do people come to you looking for a Nanny Service?

Being apart of Gracie feels easy and stress free. We genuinely care about our families and understand their needs, which is why we consistently go the extra mile. Our approach is solution-driven, flexible, adaptable, reliable, and prioritises safety. We aim to tailor our services around the unique needs of each family, avoiding rigid structures. Our goal is to be an extension of our families, always ready with a solution, regardless of the situation.

Why did you call it Gracie?

Grace, our founder, has dedicated 13 years to nurturing many young children as a nanny. To those she cared for, she became affectionately known as "Gracie." The inspiration behind naming our agency "Gracie" stemmed from Grace's mother, Leanne. She envisioned a way to include all the little children Grace cared for in her journey, thus naming the agency "Gracie."

Why is Gracie one of the safest agencies on the market in Australia?

Gracie has been founded on the values of trust and safety. Our nannies are backed by the expertise of a registered nurse. Offering a higher level of specialised knowledge, we emphasise the importance of creating a safe and reliable environment for your children. Parents can rely on Gracie’s services without hesitation with children in capable hands and their wellbeing as the top priority.

Our dedicated team of nannies undergo rigorous training, ensuring that our brand of childcare is given with the highest levels of responsibility and professionalism. Behind this commitment lies a specialised health and safety team who maintain our exemplary standards. Our founder, Grace, has embraced the expertise and processes learned as an Oncology nurse and Graduate Coordinator at Epworth Hospital, implementing technology to monitor and schedule the qualifications of our nannies. This meticulous approach guarantees that all essential competencies, such as first aid and CPR, are proficient and consistently up-to-date, and that current WWCC and police checks are obtained.

Additionally, our comprehensive approach includes detailed policy and procedure documentation, robust codes of conduct, and educational safety videos. We go the extra mile by maintaining endorsements and connections with Kidsafe Victoria. Trust and Safety is a fundamental component in childcare, and one that holds the utmost importance to us at Gracie.This is an ever-evolving space and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our safety standards.We’re deeply committed to safety, ensuring our families feel this unwavering commitment and passion throughout their entire journey with Gracie Nanny Agency.

Families joining Gracie can have extra peace of mind knowing that safety is at the forefront of our priority and the safety and wellbeing of your children is of the highest of the highest of priority

I need to cancel a shift, are we charged?

There is no charge if you cancel a shift- we get it, things happen!

What happens if my Nanny resigns?

Once you become a part of our Gracie family, we ensure ongoing care and support. Should the need arise, we initiate our process anew and offer nanny options for interviews. Families incur no charges if their nanny chooses to resign. Our aim is for Gracie to serve as your comprehensive solution for all your nanny and babysitting needs for years to come.

Do you communicate with the families throughout the day?

Communication holds great significance for us. Both our nannies and our team at Gracie engage in continuous communication with our families throughout the day and whenever necessary. Our nannies provide regular updates, photos, and videos during their shifts to ensure everyone feels connected and informed. We want our families to stay informed about outings to the local library, conversations during walks to the playground, and all the enjoyable activities they share with their nanny!

Why did you start Gracie?

Our founder Grace started Gracie due to her own experience as a nanny. Grace swiftly realised that families were in dire need of reliable, good help. Grace vividly remembers the expressions on families' faces when they returned home to find everything neat and tidy, and their children well cared for. It was during these moments that Grace recognised families'  were to find this kind of help.

How long does it take to have a placement?

At Gracie, we conduct daily recruitment to ensure we always have nannies available for our families. We interview between 15-20 applicants per day to ensure we are employing the best nannies for our team and families.  Our goal is to fill positions within two weeks, with a maximum of three weeks. Families requiring a nanny urgently are placed on a priority list to expedite the process.

What kind of nannies do you look for at Gracie?

At Gracie, we maintain high standards for our nannies. Gracie Nannies embody traits of empathy, reliability, and nurturing, approaching each day with youthful energy. For us, caregiving isn't just a role—it's a genuine passion. Our nannies combine a warm and caring nature with the necessary qualifications and a commitment to health and safety practices, making them valued members of any family.
All our nannies are guided by Grace. Her nannying experience, nursing background, steady involvement and leadership throughout ensures that every Gracie Nanny achieves the gold standard. Our nannies will tidy the house and laundry in their stride. We plan and prepare nutritious and delicious means; turning those ageing bananas in the fruit bowl into banana bread with love and unspoken attentiveness. With an emphasis on initiative and a tidy-as-you-go mentality, we aim to lighten the load, add warmth, and make your household even more of a safe haven.  

Can I have flexibility with the hours required? my husband and I work shift work and our hours change regularly?

We are completely flexible. You can adjust your hours up or down as needed to accommodate your family's schedule. We understand that shift work can result in changing hours, and we’re here to work around that and provide a totally flexible solution!

What are people’s fears/worries about Nanny services and how does Gracie address these?

Families often express they are worried about Flexibility, reliability and safety – we wipe those fears on day one!From day one, we alleviate concerns about flexibility, reliability, and safety. Our model is exceptionally flexible, fluid, and reliable, ensuring families are never left in doubt. We're solution-driven, maintaining multiple contingency plans so families never stress over care availability.

Safety is paramount in our operations, and we take pride in being among Australia's safest nanny agencies. Behind the scenes, we consistently prioritise safety in all our endeavours.

With nearly 20 nanny interviews conducted daily, families can trust that we leave no stone unturned in finding the right fit. Our brand fosters strong connections with nannies who feel supported and valued. Families can rest assured that we persevere until we find the perfect match. Families never have to worry about finding there perfect fit, we work until we get it right- whatever it takes!

Do clients get their own personal Nanny?

Absolutely! Consistent care benefits both children and nannies alike. If you require a replacement nanny or temporary sick cover, rest assured that we prioritise a perfect match and safety. Throughout your experience with Gracie, you may build relationships with a few nannies whom you can rely on for occasional needs outside regular hours.

How do Gracie’s services make your clients feel? What are their favourite parts of Gracie?

Our families experience a sense of connection, support, security, and confidence in their childcare decisions. Our personalised matching process builds trust, while continuous support and clear communication contribute to a positive and reassuring experience. Ultimately, our aim is to offer families peace of mind, knowing their childcare needs are met with professionalism and nurturing care.

Current Gracie families often express appreciation not only for our flexible model but also for returning home to well-cared-for children and a tidy, organised home. They frequently mention feeling safe, reflecting our consistently high safety standards.

What makes Gracie different from other providers?

Families choose us over other agencies because of our deep care and genuine passion for assisting families. We tailor our services to meet each family's unique requirements, offering ongoing support and ensuring a strong cultural alignment between the nanny and the family. What sets us apart and keeps families with us is our commitment to going above and beyond for each and every family.

We work tirelessly around the clock to ensure that individual family needs are met seamlessly, providing continuous care for our families. Our meticulous attention to detail in the daily care of your children is unwavering. Families remain with us because we consistently offer solutions and provide nannies not just upon joining, but for years to come. We're more than a nanny agency; we become an integral part of your family.

Can I have flexibility with the hours required? my husband and I work shift work and our hours change regularly.

Is there a minimum number of hours our Nanny must  work?

The shift has to be three hours long - as per Fair Work Australia.