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An Invaluable Addition To Your Family

Grace founded the Gracie Boutique Nanny Agency in Melbourne. Now more families across Melbourne and Sydney can access genuine and high quality assistance to help take the pressure off their busy lives.

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Our founder

Grace Mugavin grew up in regional Victoria in a quaint country town. Dubbed an old soul from an early age, her maternal and caring nature soon became her signature. With a deep desire to help others, Grace pursued a career in Nursing and also nannied for the first time during her studies in Melbourne and abroad in Paris. Enamoured with the families and their children, Grace loved to see the look on parents’ faces when they'd return home and see their children smiling, in their PJ's, with lunches prep'd, washing done, and beds made. They were overjoyed. The extra level of care and consideration led parents to implore Grace to start her own business, testifying that what she offered far exceeded what other nannies do. 

Soon after, Grace graduated and became a fully registered nurse, and specialised in Oncology Care. Securing the coveted position of Graduate Coordinator at the age of twenty-five meant that she was managing, orchestrating and supporting hundreds of nurses day to day. It was in this role that Grace honed the additional skills that would translate so perfectly to her own team of nannies. 

Harking back to the smiling faces and words of encouragement, Grace founded the Gracie Boutique Nanny Agency in Melbourne with a view to give the very best in childcare. Now more families can access a genuine and high quality of assistance and help take the pressure off their busy lives. As they say, “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”. Grace credits her success not only to her career as a nurse, but to a caring and supportive upbringing, and wishes the same for all our Gracie families.


Leaving your children with a stranger for the first time is daunting to say the least but for Martha’s first day Grace popped into my house to make sure things were OK, she met my children and provided Martha with a printout of my children’s routine, likes, dislikes, emergency contact numbers and any tasks around the house that I wanted Martha to help with. I can not recommend Gracie enough

Brodie, Port Melbourne

The process is always daunting however Grace went above and beyond to find us the perfect carer for our two boys. She made the interview and pairing process work so seamlessly, ensuring our family values and qualities aligned with our future nanny. We adore Lucy and all she has provided for our family with during her time over the last year and a half. We are eternally grateful for Gracie Boutique.

klara & damon

Grace has exceeded our expectations and is across absolutely everything. We were never left wondering.  The high level of communication has flown onto our lovely nanny. She communicates and updates us regularly.   It has given myself and my husband so much reassurance and comfort and we couldn't recommend Gracie high enough.

Jane, South melbourne

"Our first day with a Gracie nanny exceeded our expectations. it was heaven coming home to a tidy house, washing done and most importantly happy kids!"

Stephanie, Kensington

Joining Gracie Boutique Nanny Agency was the best decision I made for my family. I couldn't recommend Grace and her team more.

Simone, Carlton

Coming home to a neat tidy home with my children bathed and fed, was a game changer.

Ruby, Hawthorn

Bec is absolutely amazing, Vance adores her and so does our dog! She goes above and beyond when she’s here doing more than I ever ask of her. She cooks, she cleans, we always come home to a tidy house, with Vance fed and bathed, ready for cuddles with us before bed.

ellin & ryan

From the moment we reach out to Gracie Nanny Agency, we knew we made the right decision! Our nanny, Annie, was a godsend and our girls absolutely adore her. We weren’t sure how it would feel having another person in our house, looking after our kids, but Annie made us feel so comfortable and did a beautiful job with our darling girls. Cannot recommend Gracie enough!


To say having Sophie joining our family has been amazing, would be an understatement! We come home from work to our children who are happy, bathed, fed and in their pyjamas. Not to mention, the sheets are changed, the laundry is always empty, with all the washing folded and away, the lunch boxes packed and ready for the next day and there is honestly nothing left for me to do!


"We are so lucky to have had Grace as our nanny caring for our three children. Grace is an absolute natural with children. She is extremely sensible and incredibly affectionate. Grace quickly became an adored member of our family."

georgie & chris

"Grace has been an incredible addition to our family. Grace was the first person I left my 12month old daughter with, other than family, when I returned to work. Hence I was initially a little apprehensive however Grace made me feel very comfortable with her regular, honest, open, communication."

laura & dave

"You know those people that kids flock to? That walk through the room with a trail of children just trying to be near them? That's Grace, who is a very trusted and in demand Nanny (and Nurse!) Her skills with children is second to none and I know through her guidance her Nannies will be top notch."

ellen smith